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Friday, December 12, 2014

heidi & rhonna love.

i am SO excited today to be sharing a project life page on heidi's blog that i created documenting my baby's 1st christmas photos!  with it being such a busy time of year i turned to my trusty little iPhone to help get my memories documented.
i used the fabulous rhonna designs app to create the perfect complimentary 4 x 4 cards that i combined with my photos to create a super cute and quick PL spread.
check out how i took all of these fabulous 4 x 4 cards and created my PL layout today over on www.heidiswapp.com :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

beauty is everywhere.

i love when i am able to just play and create and remember.
that is exactly what this little mini book was for me.
time to just play, enjoy, create and remember some of my recent favourite photos.
let's face it….life is tough. busy. stressful. going going going.
so i just wanted to create a little album where i could just forget about all that "stuff" and remember, refocus and just relish in the moments that REALLY matter.

so i created this super cute mini album out of some cardboard that i had stashed away and papers from the heidi swapp september skies collection.  you may also notice some beautiful NEW stickers now available at hobby lobby that i had the best time incorporating into my pages and cover.  seriously this "beautiful" sticker is GORGEOUS.  the colour, the glitter, the quality of it.  absolutely a must have for any project.

to create my cover, i simply cut 2 pieces of cardboard into 4 x 9 inches and covered it with this beautiful paper called "meadow bloom" from september skies.  this paper is probably one of my favourites from the entire collection.  i love how the colours pop against the gold.  i then added another sticker "see beauty everywhere" on the cover as well.  you may or may not recognize these stickers as they were first available as part of heidi's "vintage chic" collection a few years back.  well….now these stickers are making a reappearance and let me tell you, i could not be happier! i have always LOVED these little beauties.  i was so excited to incorporate these into my mini and alongside september skies.  you can get these stickers (as well as a ton of others) at hobby lobby now!

here is a peek into my inside pages.  i had fun keeping things simple.  adding some ephemera pieces, using my sewing machine to add some stitching and layering papers. love.

i love this page.  that camera is one of my favourite september skies ephemera pieces and i love how it looks on the vellum.  i punched some little hearts, stitched them on and then added another label sticker below. super cute.

love the september skies washi!

hope you are able to find some of those new stickers! they are the BEST!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

it really is amazing...

gosh. i am feeling SO many emotions.
gratitude, awe, joy, excitement. the list goes on.
it was probably 10 years ago or so when i discovered my love for scrapbooking.
with that love came the discovery of SO many incredible artists that were a part of this industry. 
one of those artists, a woman by the name of ali edwards completely stole my heart with the way she chose to document her life.  her real life.
i loved how she combined words and photos to convey the stories of her life.
from day one i was inspired and really have been a super fan ever since.

fast forward to 2011.  i attended my 3rd creative escape event put on by the amazing heidi swapp and was lucky enough to take a class and meet the incredible ali edwards.  this is a picture of us at the event with one of my dearest and best friends sherry.  we had SO much fun i remember. 

now…well, it is crazy to think what life can bring you.

i am beyond thrilled and honoured to be one of the chosen to join ali edwards and design for her brand. truly a dream come true.  there are 14 other incredible ladies on the team that i so look forward to getting to know and be inspired by.  there is nothing more powerful in this world than like minds and kindred spirits. 

i am also really looking forward to expanding my creativity.  i have enjoyed digital scrapbooking in the past, but am looking forward to incorporating even more digital elements into my memory keeping and using a lot of hybrid elements as well.  i will always be a "paper and glue" kind of girl at heart, but sometimes it is truly refreshing to work outside of your comfort zone.  i often hear that is where the "magic" happens! ;)
 here are just a few of my recent projects i have created using the beautiful ali edwards digital elements.

i love that no matter what your style or design, they are just perfect for any project.  their versatility is fabulous.

i am feeling SO grateful for this opportunity and so look forward to sharing my heart, soul and love with all of you out there who share in the magic of scrapbooking our lives! big congrats to all of the other ladies chosen.  you girls are so amazing and i am beyond thrilled to be sharing this journey with all of you. XO

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

september, i loved you!

well, it's that time again! wow!
officially my most favourite month of the year has passed by.
this month was full of many memories.  nothing major, but special nonetheless.
this month was full of changing leaves, beautiful indian summer nights, beautiful photo opportunities, gorgeous orange sunlight, my baby's 6 month birthday and our 6 year wedding anniversary.

i had the best time this month using a lot of beautiful pieces from heidi swapp's newest collection 'september skies' in my album, as well as some pieces from the heidi swapp project life gold foil value kit.  i also loved adding in the freebie september printables as well. those are always a favourite of mine and always look forward to what the next month will bring! it always feels like christmas to me!
something new i tried this month was adding in a large photo to my planner. 
i also added in some journaling, and had fun layering some embellishment pieces.

those september skies florals are probably one of my absolute favourites to work and play with.
i also had a lot of fun adding some simple stitching into my planner as well.  the acrylic ephemera pieces from the september skies collection are AH-MAZING. the "feeling the love" one is probably one of my absolute favourites.

again, for my next pages i just had some fun adding in some favourites here.  gold glitter cards, stitching, stamping on my photos. a lot of fun was had just playing with details this month. simple and cute. and achievable. nothing better right?
cannot believe that we are already looking forward to october tomorrow! where has 2014 gone?  i cannot believe we only have 3 more months to fill and this little album will be complete.  i must say how PROUD i am of myself for continuing to document and fill up this little baby all year.  this will definitely be one project that i have actually kept up with and followed through.  i LOVE it so much. so many memories are inside of this little book. cannot wait to see the new printable set for october! so excited! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

scrapbook generations & september skies

SO excited today to see the NEWEST issue of Scrapbook Generations magazine!

Not only for an incredible dose of scrapbooking inspiration, but also because myself and the rest of the Heidi Swapp Media Team were asked to create some projects especially for the magazine showcasing the newest Heidi Swapp release "September Skies".  Awesome, right?!?

I was SO humbled and honoured to have been asked to create both a 12 x 12 layout and tag based on of their fabulous sketches.

Here is a look at my 12 x 12 layout.
SO much awesomeness that I love right here. And SO fun to work with a sketch!  Totally took the "thinking, planning, deliberating" part right out of the equation and I just got to PLAY!

So please make sure to check out the latest issue for the FULL reveals of all of the other ladies projects….including a tag that I also created.  There will also be projects showcasing Ms. Heidi Swapp's take on her collection as well with the sketches.  Should be FUN!

Thanks SO much Scrapbook Generations…..you ROCK.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

august…you were awesome.

goodbye august.
wow. another month documented and done.
i remember the day when i received this beautiful memory planner in my hands.
all of the fresh pages. each a blank canvas just waited to be filled with moments and memories. photographs and notes.
now i am almost 3/4 done the entire album.

and can i just say that i am notorious for starting projects but never entirely seeing them finished all the way through??? anyone out there relate?
well…this is one project that i can proudly say i have kept up on and followed through with.  am i happy? YES! is it beautiful? ABSOLUTELY! it is filled with my life.  and i LOVE it.

i have filled my pages with photos and notes. of course some of my favourite embellies as well.

this month i have tried to focus on the "happy".

even added in a mini memory file from one of my most favourite heidi swapp collections, vintage chic. yes. this collection makes me happy. pink chevron? swoon…..
i even created this 5 x 7 photo collage and just stapled it in my planner.  it highlights some of my favourite and most "happy" memories of the month.

i added in a page of some journaling and reflections about the summer and what it has meant to me.  by far this has been one of the best and most memorable summers.  my first summer as a mom, spent enjoying each and every day with my baby.  what a blessing to be able to be at home and watch him grow.  reflecting on all of the simple yet very treasured moments we have so far shared together: sleeping with me in my bed after early morning feedings, dressing him in his super cute summer outfits, watching him dip his toes in the lake for the first time.  so many wonderful memories.

more photos.

more memories. and yes. you will see a few bits of dreamy project life cards have found themselves here.
my calendar. sheepishly, a little bare.  i struggle with writing things and notes down in here! ack! not sure why….but maybe september will find me focused enough to just write that one little thing down!  it does look so beautiful when it's filled up!

hope you have been enjoying your memory file journey so far. with september knocking at the door there are only a few months left of 2014. say what?!?!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

my journey so far with project life.

so i have never jumped on the project life bandwagon until now.
and i can finally say that i get it.  i see just how amazing of a system it is.
especially for someone who does not have a whole lot of time…like a new momma ;).
it actually makes me feel so much relief that i can see my photos in my album now.
i have started slow, and i have so much more to go.
but they are in there. they are printed. and they are made pretty too….thanks to heidi swapp and her incredible project life collection.
it is a MUST have.  and i am not joking.

i have never even attempted the pocket page style scrapbooking until now.
however…i will admit i have kept it simple.  true to me and to how i want my album to look, feel and be.  my focus is on the photos.  again, i do not have a ton of time to mess with little individual pockets.  so my focus for my album is simply photos, some pretty extras, and journaling.  simple, yet pretty.  and i love that i can get that result in absolutely NO time at all.

here is a peek into my heidi swapp project life experience so far:

as you can see, i have kept things super simple.  with a focus primarily on the photos.  i absolutely ADORE the gold foil project life photo pocket page protector sheets.  the gold transparencies that come with the collection are fabulous.  they can be great alone (like with the heart) or as a photo overlay (like in the above right photo).  on the 3 x 4 card i added some simple stamping and some chipboard pieces from the project life value kits.

i added some rub ons to the 4 x 6 card and some journaling.  the 3 x 4 card is actually an openable.  what i did was add the 3 x 4 card onto a 4 x 6 card that i folded in half.  inside is where i will add my journaling so that it remains tucked inside the page protector.

i love this page.  the cards are SO much fun to use, and the transparency pieces that come with the overlay value kit are perfect for adding on top of your favourite pictures.

most of my pages (like the one above) are still a work in progress.  still need to add journaling and some details.

it is so refreshing to look through what i have accomplished and feel like i have gotten somewhere for a change!  photos are printed.  they are in page protectors.  i have journaling started.  really that is the hardest part.  now to carry on with the details and all of the pretty things that come with the new heidi swapp project life collection.  i am seriously obsessed and want to play every night!  it's crazy!  but a good kind of crazy.

i am truly LOVING this new venture and especially that heidi swapp has created such a wonderful and amazing collection of stuff to work with.  it has definitely ignited a spark back in me.  time to continue getting my photos printed and pages done.  life is moving fast and i am on a roll to capture it!  keeping it simple is what is working for me.  i love it! :)