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i cannot believe the month of june has already arrived....and really is almost gone by now!  yikes! where are the days going?  
the other night i was looking through my memory planner so far...and as amazed as i was of all of the things, life stuff, photos, notes etc. that i had collected....to me there still was some major stuff missing. i needed more story in there.  i need to start writing more.  plain and simple.

so i began the month of june, with this new goal and new focus.  let's make this month MORE about the story and working towards getting it down on paper.  it's funny because i tell myself that i will remember. and you know what??? at the end of the day i do not.  and i need to accept that!

it really is about looking at each day....ONE day at a time and being intentional about journaling and recognizing it's deep importance.

so today on heidi swapp's blog, i am featuring my post on essentially "journaling 101".  i am offering a few tips and tricks that i have personally used this month to keep myself on track, focused and working towards achieving this goal of writing more things down on paper.

it is definitely a work in progress...and takes much conscious effort.  but i DO know that i will be so grateful and thankful to myself for doing it next month, the month after that....the YEARS after that.  really, these days i will never get back.  and i want to remember what made up my days and all of these really cool "life moments" that happen on the day-to-day.

being a stay at home mom is such a beautiful thing to me.  and such a sacred time that i know will not last forever.  so i just want to be able to honour this time and record about it so i can have these memories close by when life moves on, we all get older.  you know, things CHANGE.

so if you are looking for some inspiration, motivation....or just another way to use a memory planner be sure to check out my post.  i hope in there, somewhere....you are intrigued and inspired to maybe start recording, journaling and noting a little bit more about your days too somewhere.  it really is priceless.


say hello to the prettiest little pretties on the block.
heidi swapp metallic texture pastes.
these are just down right AMAZING....and if you have not yet tried them out...well....seriously you just HAVE TO!
the colors, the possibilities. if you love anything mixed media....OR are intrigued by it all then this is the place to start. trust me on this!

these amazing pastes work with stencils of all types to create gorgeous texture, dimension and design.    these pastes are now available at michaels stores and are part of the heidi swapp gallery wall collection.  they achieve gorgeous results and are perfect for all things DIY.  i mean, these colors alone....don't they just make you SWOON? i honestly do not know even how to pick a favourite they are all just amazing.

today on the heidi swapp blog i share a simple video tutorial demonstrating how easy these pastes are to use with stencils to create a super cute banner that is perfect for any type of home decor project, celebration....or in my case a summer instax photo display!   you can check out my post here.

i absolutely adore how this display seriously made my instax memories come to life even more!  it is so fun to showcase and celebrate the little moments and memories in your life.  nothing makes me happier.

cheers to all things pretty and DIY.



today over on heidi's blog i am switching gears a bit.
a little party. a little decor. a little photography.
all rolled into one.

if you have visited michaels stores recently, you would have seen a brand new collection released.  it is the celebration in lights collection and is SO perfect for all of the major summer events currently happening or soon in the future.  these kits are perfect for easy, simple party decor that WOW'S!

one thing i love about heidi swapp products is the versatility!  even though it may be intended for one thing, there is always another way to use her stuff creatively to fit your needs.  that being said, instead of using the collection for an actual "party", i managed to create a fabulous photo prop area for a cake smash photo session!

my sweet nephew turned one years old a few weeks back and it could not have been more of a perfect opportunity.  we had the best time smashing cake, celebrating and decorating....it truly was a celebration in lights!

so be sure to stop by the blog today to see how i managed to transform and customize some of my favourite pieces from the collection to shine for our photos.  not only are they amazing party decorations but they make the best photo props too.  love when that happens!



the day has finally arrived!
my FIRST ever class is now LIVE over at big picture classes.
i am BEYOND excited.
i remember when i first discovered big picture scrapbooking....and how all of those classes i had taken throughout all of these years have served to shape and influence me (not only as a crafter/creator) but as a person as well.

it really is remarkable how life can come full circle.  especially when you least expect it!
teaching my own class over on BPC is truly a dream come true.  i am SO honoured to be a part of this new and exciting journey!

my class over at big picture classes is part of a series.  i have joined forces with heidi swapp and the rest of the media team girls (jamie, jennifer, kim and maggie) to showcase just how revolutionary and amazing the brand new MINC mediums are for paper crafting projects.  trust me, your jaw will drop!  be sure to check out each of their classes! i know i will be taking them all.  

each of our classes focus on the incredible creative diversity and possibilities that result when working with each of the brand new mediums.  it really is quite spectacular when you think about just how many ways (and all of the different effects) one can achieve with just a few products.

for my class, i have focused on creating a gratitude journal.  i am using the brand new MINC art journal album covers and inserts.  not only do i love the topic of gratitude, but i thought that putting together a class like this is also a brilliant way to learn about the mediums and how incredible they are when creating "art journal" type projects.

i am even using one of the new MINC kits to embellish the entire project with.   these new MINC kits are amazing because they are full of so many wonderful pieces that allow you to play and experiment with each of these mediums.

in my class, we will use the brand new MINC reactive mediums to create gorgeous page backgrounds.  we will learn new techniques that will result in the most beautiful artistic touches for your project.

we will "dig deep" and celebrate what gratitude is and what it means to you and your life.  we will honour this practice with beautiful quotes and sayings (that we will even MINC as well).

i really hope you are inspired to stop by and take a peek and try something new!  i am so very excited to share my passion with all of you.  this class truly was a labour of love and i hope it serves to inspire and enlighten, just as it has done for me.


i love talking planners.  nothing makes me happier.  it is true.
i have been a "planner girl" for over 2 years now, and i am completely and utterly hooked.  i love to lose myself in my planner and just celebrate and document all of the little noteworthy moments that make up my life.

today on my monthly scrapbook and cards today blog feature I am switching things up a bit and talking "PLANNER BASICS".  Considering we are almost halfway through 2016 I thought it would be a nice refresher to share with you my top 5 basic tips for keeping myself moving and motivated as the days and months go on.

these are my own personal tried and true ways that help me stay successful, organized and focused.  life is busy. crazy at most times actually.  so I find that if I can create little ways to keep things easier and less time consuming on one end....it actually gives me MORE time to allow myself time in the day to be creative and enjoy the process more.

for instance, just keeping certain products close at hand is one way that really helps alleviate any sort of "wasted" time that i would have if i had to search and look for certain materials.  i hope you stop by and enjoy the feature.  i know these ways help me so much and keep me accountable and on track!

so be sure to stop by the SCT blog and have a read through.  i hope these tips help you out just as much as they have helped (and continue) to help me!


adding photos into my memory planner is always an absolute MUST.
however, at the same time i am always looking for fresh, fun and neat ways to do so.  it's nice to have the options to switch things up when i can.
today on the heidi swapp blog i am sharing a basic step out tutorial showcasing just how easy it is to create a laminated photo divider for your planner.

yes!  a photo divider! and yes! it's laminated!  how cool, right?!?
these lamination folders are brand new to the MINC family.  they are perfect for incorporating into your memory planner.  you can foil them, laminate them....and then hole punch them and add them into your planner so easily.

for my tutorial i am showcasing how i am able to add 12 2x2 photos onto the back of the divider to create a gorgeous dual purpose "photo" divider.

what begins as this...

turns into that!
a gorgeous photo collage that is laminated for extra protection and durability.  plus...look at all of those memories!

so be sure to stop by heidi swapp's blog today to see just how easy it is.  i hope you create one for your own memory planner.  your memories and photographs will love it!


the brand new MINC mediums have stolen my heart.
if you have not yet heard the news...heidi swapp has released 3 brand new products that are made to work with her amazing MINC foiling machine.
these mediums are in the form of a reactive paint, reactive mist and reactive art screen ink.
with these mediums, one is able to apply foil to projects in more ways than ever before.
today i am up on heidi's blog to share just how incredible these mediums are with a simply breakdown tutorial and demo using these new MINC kits.

these MINC kits are not only fabulous (in and of themselves) but they are an amazing learning tool when working with the various mediums.  they come jam packed with a ton of really cute tags, die cuts, file folders and embellishments that work amazing for all types of paper projects.

it is amazing to experiment with the various reactive mediums using different application methods (ex. paint brushes, art screens, stencils) to see what you can achieve.

it really is brilliant once you apply the reactive foil to the mediums.

your jaw will drop.  the foil finish gives the most incredible results.  i am obsessed.
today on heidi's blog i share a step by step breakdown video tutorial showing just how easy these mediums are to use and apply.  be sure to check it out.  you will fall in love.

i took things one step further and chose to use some of these altered kit pieces, and the mediums to create my newest layout.

i loved playing with the mediums to create this gorgeous background.  hard to believe it was once a simple white sheet of bazzill cardstock!

the enjoy life minc kit is amazing. 
i hope you are able to get your hands on one, some of the mediums and just let your heart PLAY.

so be sure to head on over to heidi's blog today for a full breakdown on these amazing new products. you are going to fall so head over heels in LOVE.

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