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i love kit clubs.
there are so many amazing ones out there filled with such gorgeous product.
this month i decided to use a kit to help me document and tell my story in my memory planner.

for instance, i receive the ali edwards story kit and story stamp each month.
truly my little prezzie to me.
it also is awesome for me since i do not live close to any scrapbook stores or retailers.  
so it is definitely nice to get my little hands on gorgeous new products when i cannot most days.  which....in the end may be a good thing?!? ;)

today over on scrapbook and cards today i am sharing my entire july journey and how i used the previous ali edwards story kit and story stamp (entitled "believe") to help me get this month's life details down.  it was definitely super helpful for me.

so be sure to stop by the blog today to read my full story, see all of my page spreads and learn just why a kit club may be the answer you are looking for too. :)


welcome to MY space!
here is my little piece of heaven, my sanctuary. my happy place.  my little escape.
this is where you will find me most late nights...and i love it.
this place is the perfect space for me to unwind after a crazy day of LIFE!

for the past little bit, i have been craving a change.  my space has not always looked like this.  in fact, it was pretty unmotivating.  because this is my little sanctuary, i really wanted it to be somewhere i looked forward to coming and it was a place that relaxed me and at the same time reenergized me.  being creative does not always come easy....so if i am in an invigorating space it definitely helps!

so to transform my space i chose to create a gallery wall.  this was the best solution for me and my space.  i used some of my most favourite pieces from the heidi swapp gallery wall collection now available at michaels stores to create my wall.

i love using the faux pallet boards to create customized signage, the vintage frames for housing my favourite photos and quotes.  clipboards to hold those special extras, cute shelves to place more goodies on, sparkly marquee love and as always my lightbox keeping me inspired!

so be sure to stop by heidi's blog today to see my full blog post and recap on the story behind my creative space.

i am SO excited to be sharing it with you all.

be sure to check out heidi swapp's entire gallery wall collection.  it is amazing....with ENDLESS possibilities to make YOUR space the best space too.  we all deserve time in beautiful spaces, and now we can make them our own.  how awesome is that?!?


wow. cannot believe that it is almost already the end of july! yikes, looking back on my last posting it has been awhile.  needless to say it has been a busy month so i thought i would pop in with a little minc inspiration recap that i shared this month on the heidi swapp blog.

i did two blog posts this month showcasing the awesomeness that is the minc.  one being a mixed media art journal showcasing the minc reactive mediums in conjunction with texture paste, color shine, art screens and stencils.

it is always awesome to see how the variety of products work both alone and separately to bring projects to life.  you can check out that entire post, along with a you tube video tutorial here.

my second minc posting this month showcased how brilliantly the minc is as a laminating tool.  these amazing lamination minc kits are super fun to play with.  not only can you minc your projects but once you are done that you can laminate!  awesome right?!?

i created a super fun mini tag album documenting some of my summer memories thus far.  be sure to check that out here.

thanks for checking in and i hope you enjoy the post recaps!  see you next week.


as i mentioned in my previous post, this month i wanted to focus a lot more attention on capturing the story and documenting my life with words in my memory planner pages.  today on the scrapbook and cards today blog i share the story behind this new focus of mine...and what motivated me to change my approach this month...and going forward.

with any new goal, or conscious way of thinking/decision making...it truly is a "one day at a time" process.  how fitting that this month's memory planner divider page is in fact titled "one day at a time". signs are everywhere, aren't they?

now that it is almost nearing the end of june, i am SO grateful to myself for being brave and working hard towards this goal.  it is so very important to note and write things down.  at the end of the day it really is.  time is flying by.  so quick i can barely comprehend it myself.

all of a sudden, i really am FEELING it.  and well....
it's not always easy to accept that time is passing, we are all growing....getting older.  things and life are constantly changing.

at the end of the day, writing my story....the little notes, blurbs, comments....are what keep me present and in the moment.  calm and accepting.  even though it can be so very hard.

i hope you stop by the sct blog today and have a read.  
it really is amazing how one little step adds up to great things.

one day at a time.


i cannot believe the month of june has already arrived....and really is almost gone by now!  yikes! where are the days going?  
the other night i was looking through my memory planner so far...and as amazed as i was of all of the things, life stuff, photos, notes etc. that i had collected....to me there still was some major stuff missing. i needed more story in there.  i need to start writing more.  plain and simple.

so i began the month of june, with this new goal and new focus.  let's make this month MORE about the story and working towards getting it down on paper.  it's funny because i tell myself that i will remember. and you know what??? at the end of the day i do not.  and i need to accept that!

it really is about looking at each day....ONE day at a time and being intentional about journaling and recognizing it's deep importance.

so today on heidi swapp's blog, i am featuring my post on essentially "journaling 101".  i am offering a few tips and tricks that i have personally used this month to keep myself on track, focused and working towards achieving this goal of writing more things down on paper.

it is definitely a work in progress...and takes much conscious effort.  but i DO know that i will be so grateful and thankful to myself for doing it next month, the month after that....the YEARS after that.  really, these days i will never get back.  and i want to remember what made up my days and all of these really cool "life moments" that happen on the day-to-day.

being a stay at home mom is such a beautiful thing to me.  and such a sacred time that i know will not last forever.  so i just want to be able to honour this time and record about it so i can have these memories close by when life moves on, we all get older.  you know, things CHANGE.

so if you are looking for some inspiration, motivation....or just another way to use a memory planner be sure to check out my post.  i hope in there, somewhere....you are intrigued and inspired to maybe start recording, journaling and noting a little bit more about your days too somewhere.  it really is priceless.


say hello to the prettiest little pretties on the block.
heidi swapp metallic texture pastes.
these are just down right AMAZING....and if you have not yet tried them out...well....seriously you just HAVE TO!
the colors, the possibilities. if you love anything mixed media....OR are intrigued by it all then this is the place to start. trust me on this!

these amazing pastes work with stencils of all types to create gorgeous texture, dimension and design.    these pastes are now available at michaels stores and are part of the heidi swapp gallery wall collection.  they achieve gorgeous results and are perfect for all things DIY.  i mean, these colors alone....don't they just make you SWOON? i honestly do not know even how to pick a favourite they are all just amazing.

today on the heidi swapp blog i share a simple video tutorial demonstrating how easy these pastes are to use with stencils to create a super cute banner that is perfect for any type of home decor project, celebration....or in my case a summer instax photo display!   you can check out my post here.

i absolutely adore how this display seriously made my instax memories come to life even more!  it is so fun to showcase and celebrate the little moments and memories in your life.  nothing makes me happier.

cheers to all things pretty and DIY.



today over on heidi's blog i am switching gears a bit.
a little party. a little decor. a little photography.
all rolled into one.

if you have visited michaels stores recently, you would have seen a brand new collection released.  it is the celebration in lights collection and is SO perfect for all of the major summer events currently happening or soon in the future.  these kits are perfect for easy, simple party decor that WOW'S!

one thing i love about heidi swapp products is the versatility!  even though it may be intended for one thing, there is always another way to use her stuff creatively to fit your needs.  that being said, instead of using the collection for an actual "party", i managed to create a fabulous photo prop area for a cake smash photo session!

my sweet nephew turned one years old a few weeks back and it could not have been more of a perfect opportunity.  we had the best time smashing cake, celebrating and decorating....it truly was a celebration in lights!

so be sure to stop by the blog today to see how i managed to transform and customize some of my favourite pieces from the collection to shine for our photos.  not only are they amazing party decorations but they make the best photo props too.  love when that happens!

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