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hello earth day.
and some lightbox inspiration. some mini lightbox inspiration, if you will.
the heidi swapp lightbox collection is now available at joann stores and is part of their amazing new aisle called "HS BOUTIQUE".  in this collection you will find 3 different size lightboxes, TONS of light box slides (like the cute cloud background slides pictured below) and alphas, plus the cutest storage albums for all of your lightbox accessories.  
i love changing up my decor for special occasions and notable dates in my home with my lightbox.
for today, earth day, my mini is set up with a clean and simple message: LOVE EARTH.

i read a quote the other day that stated: "the earth is what we all have in common".  it really resonated with me.  no matter who we are, where we live, what we do, what we believe...we all share the same home. the one and only, our earth.  it is SO extremely important that we honour, take care and respect this beautiful planet on which we all live.  

i love that not only can my lightbox stand as a beautiful decor piece, but it can also share and portray meaningful messages and images that are close to my heart.

so today in honour of earth day let us all make a gesture toward honouring our home and working towards a better future for the next generations.  turn off the lights, begin composting, recycle more items, join a car pool.  there are so many little things that we can do that will leave a huge impact.

"we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

here's to earth day. april 22nd.


today i am sharing a little memory dex inspiration.
if you are anything like me, beautiful decor pieces that are also inspiring and motivating are essential in my workspace.
as a very visual person, i need to see things all the time.
at the end of the day pretty things just make me happy.
bring on the pretty, always & forever.

i decided to create a motivational memory dex to sit on my workspace.  
what is a motivational memory dex?
well i sort of have this addiction to collecting quotes, affirmations and words of encouragement that i find through social media (ex. instagram, Facebook, pinterest etc.).
there are so many good ones out there, that i never want to lose them.
sure placing them on my phone and archiving them in my instagram is one way to keep them safe.  but there is nothing like making something tangible into a hard copy.
enter memory dex-motivational style!

i decided to use my typecast to help me in typing out quotes and words of encouragement that really speak to me onto memory dex cards.  that way, once i have typed out my quote i can easily slip it into my memory dex where i can always have it to look back and refer to.

the memory dex system is also a great way to mix and match supplies, collections and use up some of your favourite embellishments in decorating your cards as desired.

another fun addition to memory dex trays are photographs.  i chose to include some of my favourite memories "instax-style" into my tray.  i simply printed my photos using my instax share sp-1 printer directly off my iPhone and them using the memory dex punch, punched in two perfect holes that allow me to slip in my photo easily and effortlessly.

more favourite quotes...

i also had so much fun incorporating some of the gorgeous elements from the brand new magnolia jane collection by heidi swapp into my memory dex.  it is just too beautiful.

these gold embellishments from the magnolia jane collection are seriously a favourite.  how adorable do they look as an overlay on a photograph? so perfect i think.

i will continue to work on this memory dex as an ongoing project.  adding in quotes and photos as the days and weeks go on.  it's so much fun to make them come alive and to bring them together into an actual project.  i love using the memory dex system in this way.


it's funny the things you remember in your life.  the places you've been.  the things you saw, heard or was inspired by.  the lessons learned.
of these lessons...the "eat dessert first" lesson has always been a personal fav ;) .

many years ago i attended an event called 'creative escape' put on by heidi swapp.  this event was absolutely AMAZING.  in every detail.  in every way.  one of the trademark memories of this event was to "eat dessert first".  and that we did.  talk about perfection, right?!?

so in honor of dessert, and "national dessert day"....i say...BRING ON THE DESSERT!  and of course at this time of year...that would mean (for me) all things PUMPKIN. yum!  and cheesecake....double yum!

life is really all about the little things.  and eating dessert first is really a little thing in life....but is something that has stuck with me for many years. indulging at the most inopportune unusual times makes it all the better.  and so much fun.

happy national dessert day everyone. XO


the month of october is all about pink.
raising awareness for breast cancer.
awareness for us as woman to stand together united on all fronts.
whether it be for yourself, for someone you personally know....for making an annual mammogram appointment, doing a self check, taking part in a charity event or making a donation.  
this month is an important one for us as women.

i wanted to make a special addition into my planner this month.  in honour of breast cancer awareness and to serve as a visual reminder of what this month represents and it's importance in the fight.

i created this printable in photoshop and printed it out on minc acetate paper. (you can see a full tutorial on using acetate paper and the minc machine here)
once it was printed i ran it through my minc machine with pink foil.

the metallic shine always takes my breath away.

once i had the print foiled, i trimmed it down to 6x8 inches so that it would fit perfectly into my planner.  i added a piece of bazzill rose quartz card stock behind it, also trimmed to size.  i love the pink foil against the rose gold.  such beautiful colours together.

once i had both papers trimmed to size, i used my memory planner hole punch to punch corresponding holes.

placing these words into my planner gives this month extra meaning.  such a powerful and important reminder.

i made this print available for you to print below.  be sure to print it out on a laser printer if you are wanting to add foil to it with the minc.  you can print it out on regular paper, card stock, vellum or acetate.  

this truly is the month to #thinkpink.

Planner Printable


mondays are always about the MINC and today over on heidi swapp's blog i invite you to come check out a very fun and simple DIY to creating transparent file folders for your planner using some of the amazing new MINC products now available at select joann store locations!

these new acetate papers and lamination pouches work amazingly together and i came up with a fun way you can combine them to create an awesome customized file folder for your planner! file folders and dashboards are one of the best parts about planners and i love that now i can create my own.
think customized sayings, your favourite colours.... whatever you desire can be created using these acetate sheets and a laser printer.  

this is one i created.  i love the message and now that it's printed on an acetate page with my laser printer i can foil it in ANY colour i desire.  i know....how does one even choose?

well, as you can see the blue ombre foil won this time!  but lucky for me (and you!) i made this art available as a free printable so you at home can play with this technique and your favourite colour of foil and MINC to your hearts content.  :)

so be sure to head on over to heidi's blog where you will find the broken down step by step tutorial and the freebie printables.  enjoy and happy MINC IT MONDAY!  #foilallthethings


hello everyone!

if you are anything like me these days....the fall bug has bit.  which means pumpkin EVERYTHING and the urge to start whipping up some fun festive halloween decor.  halloween really is just around the corner and i want as much time as i can to enjoy all that this wonderful time of year brings....especially before the snow starts flying!!!  so that means....time to get creative spooky style!

i want to share a super fun and festive gallery wall "switch up" project today.
especially since it is using products and items from my stash that are not particularly halloween directed.  

but who doesn't love a little surprise inspiration?  i love looking at things in new ways and bringing new life to items that i have in my stash.  versatility rocks...ok so here we go!

i wanted to create a fun halloween gallery wall piece.  something i could add into my home easily either on a wall, or shelf.

so i gathered up the following heidi swapp gallery wall materials now available (and exclusive to michaels stores) and went to work. 

to create this project you will need the following items:
  • heidi swapp gallery wall frame
  • heidi swapp marquee love numbers: 3,1
  • heidi swapp marquee love glitter tape (black, orange, purple)
  • heidi swapp marquee love purple bulbs
  • heidi swapp gallery wall paper pad
  • black spray paint
  • command hooks

Step 1: using black spray paint, spray the entire frame black.
Step 2: using marquee love glitter tape (in desired color) place tape on the entire mat  that comes with the frame. do not worry if two sides have a bit of white exposed, the frame conceals that once it's placed back in.
Step 3: locate the black and white paper from the paper pad and place in frame
Step 4: add purple bulbs and purple marquee love glitter tape to the marquee numbers
Step 5: place command hooks onto the frame so that we can suspend our marquee numbers

once you have completed these steps....voila!  a gorgeous gallery wall piece customized just for halloween!

add in some festive banners for even more holiday feel!

don't you just LOVE those purple bulbs?
i am not a fan of purple personally, but for halloween they are perfection!

i really love how such simple transformational tools (like spray paint and different coloured bulbs) can create the most perfect and customized holiday decor.  the black frame and purple accenting is amazing as halloween decor.

 and as always....that marquee glow.  so perfect! especially for this time of year.  bring on halloween.


i think the only thing that makes losing summer a little less painful for me are all the super cute and adorable fall things that start to grace store shelves.  the desire to decorate my house becomes stronger as i start to really feel the fall vibes.  i mean....how can you NOT get sucked in to pumpkin spice EVERYTHING?!?

and speaking of pumpkins....i spotted this cute wreath at my local dollar store the other day.  even though it is OK "as-is", it needed something MORE.  i had the perfect solution!

if you have been to michaels stores recently, then you may have seen the brand new release of heidi swapp marquee love called "halloween in lights" gracing their shelves. and yes... think HALLOWEEN EVERYTHING.  SO much fun stuff!  there are garlands, banners, marquee shapes.....light box accessories!  it is all just so awesome for getting in the fall mood!  be sure to check out the entire collection here.  you will LOVE it!

so going back to my little wreath find, i knew exactly what marquee love products i wanted to use to bring my wreath to life and give it some festive marquee DIY makeover treatment!

first up....this adorable BOO marquee light banner kit.
it comes with huge chunky sparkly alphas spelling "BOO", lights, pennant banners....so much fun here!

next, this bat garland!
what is so cool about these new marquee halloween garlands is that they are fun shapes and it is the eyes of the shapes that light up!  you simply just pop the light strand bulbs into the eyes of the shapes and voila! a glowing decorative halloween banner ready to wow.  i am kind of obsessed with this bat banner, but they also come in pumpkins, ghosts, sugar skulls....SO much to choose from.

even though i love the clear marquee bulbs that come with the boo banner kit, i wanted to add a bit more festive flair to my wreath so i am going to use these orange bulb caps instead of the originals.  

so let the makeover begin!

to begin, i simply am going to place the bulb caps into my marquee alphas.

this is super easy. just push them through the holes....yes! that is is!

yes, i am loving the orange touch!

next, following the enclosed instructions that come in the kit insert the light strand into each of the bulbs as you can see below.

once that is complete, use the string that is enclosed in the kit to string the BOO letters together and attach to your wreath.  I simply tied these letters onto my wreath.  for extra durability you can also use a hot glue gun to really secure them if you like.

once that is complete, i then added my bat marquee garland.  i only used 3 of the bats as you can see below.  since i only used 3 bats, i had extra lights so i just wrapped them around my wreath giving it extra sparkle!

and voila! there you have it!  a very simple DIY makeover to a dollar store wreath!  i added the foliage and leaves to my wreath at the end simple placing and adhering with a glue gun.  again, nothing special here....just simply placed and glued where desired!

i love the large marquee alphas.  i think they are so fun to add onto a wreath for my front door.

the little bats are the perfect touch.

and here you can see it in all it's glow as i placed it on my door.

i hope you are inspired this weekend to check out your local michaels and grab some of these awesome marquee products to play with yourself.  it is so amazing all of the things you can create and transform...just by adding lights!

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