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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hello Memory Dex!

Hi everyone! It's Lindsay here.  Today I truly cannot contain my excitement! I have never been more pumped for a release than I am about this gorgeous all NEW Heidi Swapp MemoryDex Spinner.  Isn't it absolutely beautiful?

They are available in both black and white, and will be available in both independent and online stores very soon...so stay tuned! 
I always love anything that is a source of immediate visual inspiration.  So when this little (but not so little) beauty graced my workspace, I honestly have never been more inspired!

These beautiful spinners come in both black and white, and can we not stop and talk about the gorgeous gem turn handles for just one moment please?  Seriously, they are amazing.

So here is a little sneak peek into my MemoryDex so far.  I have it FULL of stuff that just makes me happy.  Sometimes, I will just take a few moments and create a card for my MemoryDex.  Filling this beauty has turned into such a great creative exercise for me.  I love creating different cards, whether it be with quotes, photos, or just pretty paper...they are so much fun to make.

Today I am going to share with you my newest additions that I created for my MemoryDex.  They are a mix of old and new product.  I have found that creating these cards is also such a fun way to use up one's stash.  I also love to mix and match.  So here we go!

My first card, (also the one that serves as my "title" card when sitting on my desktop) is a collaboration effort.  I thought it was most fitting to use the 'September' MemoryDex card from the 'monthly' set.  I love that these just come clean and white, with gold foiled dates on the tab.  So fun to use and help to organize your MemoryDex for whatever theme you are choosing to do!  I layered the gold foiled 'hi' MemoryDex card on top of it from the 'gold foil acetate' set.  I then added a cute little tag and hot pink love sticker (from the new Michaels collection) and simply clipped it on using a white bull dog clip (also new and from Michaels).

This 'Everyday Fabulous' card I created using one of the patterned MemoryDex cards and incorporated my MINC.  The 'everyday' is a foil rub on.  I chose to use pink foil and after applying my rub on, simply ran it through my MINC on setting 0 just to allow the machine to apply the best even pressure to adhere my foil.  I then added the 'fabulous' sticker, adorable pink bow (new to Michaels) and a gold chipboard triangle (from Memory Planner collection) and stitched on a pink glitter tag (also avail at Michaels).

I always love incorporating quotes into my MemoryDex.  I also love the cards from the Address Book MemoryDex set for this reason.  I love using the alphas to serve as a prompt or guide when adding quotes.  I simply typed out this quote stitched it on my card and then added my embellishments.  This time I added some of the beautiful new washi that is new to Michaels on this card, as well as the gorgeous gold puffy stickers and mint green sticker.

These next cards are so fun.  What I did here was incorporate some of my favorite cards and accents from the brand new Heidi Swapp Project Life.  Because they are 4x4 size, they fit perfectly into the MemoryDex spinner.  So here I took a chipboard frame, and a 4x4 floral card and simply used my punch to add them into the spinner.   I love the interactivity it adds and how it is just another use for additional stash!  Sometimes with Project Life you can be left with duplicate cards or supplies, so this is a fabulous way to use up those duplicates in a new way! :)

I created the 'dream big, sparkle more, shine bright' embellishment from a freebie that Heidi Swapp had made available a few weeks back.  I printed on white cardstock and then simply ran through my MINC with hot pink foil.  Adhered with some dimensional tape and voila!  How fun is this?

This last card is probably my latest favorite.  I LOVE the 'dream big' washi that I used to create the cards background.  I simply just placed multiple strips atop the card, trimmed off the excess to reveal a gorgeous customized background.  I then added some fun extras from the Memory Planner collection and the 'today' note is brand new to Michaels (along with the stamp 'remember that' from the new Project Life stamp set).  I used a super cute butterfly clip to finish it off from my stash...I believe it was from last years Memory Planner collection.

So, because sometimes with certain products photos just do not do it entirely justice...I also created a little video below that you can check out.

A little more 'up close and personal' flip through with my MemoryDex. Enjoy everyone!  Hope you love this brand new release as much as I do.  It's just so gorgeous!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Pocket Pages & Pretty Stickers - Heidi Swapp

oh man....today i am SO excited to share my latest pocket page.  nothing is more exciting than using FRESH and NEW products...and these latest heidi swapp stickers are finding their way to michaels store shelves NOW!  i honestly have never been more in awe of a sticker collection before, they are seriously amazing...and in SO many colours.  sigh...you will LOVE them!

today i am going to show you how fabulous they are as additions, accents, titles and embellishments to pocket pages.  
i created this pocket page from a 12x12 page protector and used my becky higgins project life fuse tool to put it all together.  

the gorgeous foam titles (pictured above) are so much fun to use.  they are metallic and super shiny.  they are large and have an adhesive backing.  it is hard to see from the photo, but i actually adhered the happiness sticker directly on top of my page protector.  i love that it is outside of the page protector as it adds additional dimension, and it just shines beautifully.  the glitter puffy alphabet gold stickers (that i used to spell out summer) on my photo come in such a fabulous font and make such cute captions and titles.  

on this layout, i decided to use the word jumbles stickers as fun photo captions, as well as title accents.  the come in a variety of fabulous colours and yes... are foiled.

i even added them onto the 'yes please' card i stole from the cinch album kits pictured below.  the fun arrow is from the puffy stickers number set.

 i also added a few stickers onto this new 4x4 size project life card from heidi's new collection (also now showing up in michaels).  i love how awesome they are as embellishments.

in addition to the stickers, heidi also designed 5 different sets of washi tapes.  again, these all come in fun bold bright colours and are so awesome to mix in with the rest of the stickers!  i used the hot pink 'adorbs' washi to add a heidi swapp project life card (from her new prismatic core kit) to create a hidden journaling flap.

the card below is a 3x4 card that i created with white cardstock and gold marquee love paper.  i embellished with the pink puffy number stickers.  hands down, these are probably my favourite of the whole set! they come in so many fun icons and are in the cutest shapes and sizes.

i hope you have enjoyed seeing just some of the ways these fabulous new stickers are and can be when embellishing and completing your pocket pages.  their creative options are truly endless...and of course they come in so many colours!

be sure to stop by michaels soon to see just how wonderful and beautiful these are live.  i can guarantee you will fall in love just as i did. it's pretty easy too with a product as awesome as this. :)

Supplies: Puffy Number Stickers Pink; Foam Titles Happiness; Washi Tape Pack Pink; Glitter Puffy Alphabet Stickers Gold; Word Jumbles Pink Gold; Cinch Album Insta Kit; Prismatic Project Life Core Kit; 12 x 12 Becky Higgins Page Protector; Project Life Fuse Tool

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Heidi Swapp September Skies & Project Life!

today i am SO excited to share a layout near and dear to my heart that i created using the fabulous heidi swapp september skies project life core kit, that is now available (and exclusive) to hobby lobby!

you can imagine my pure JOY when i found out that one of my most favourite scrapbook collections was being transformed into a project life core kit.  how exciting!  i love seeing my favourite patterns and papers being transformed into pocket cards, with even more designs, NEW designs and with glitter accents and details. swoon city!

i created this super fun page using some of my favourite black and white photos and the becky higgins project life fuse tool.  i love how i was able to combine so many photos and my favourite cards into one spread without having to sacrifice one for the other.  it worked out great. i adore the silver glitter on the 'cool kid' card, don't you?

i find this kit is wonderfully versatile with cards, patterns and themes that can coordinate with so many different photos and life events.

to celebrate this wonderful release of core kit september skies (now available and exclusive to Hobby Lobby), you can download a FREE project sheet printable (below) outlining how you yourself can create this very layout using september skies! how fun is that?!?
Project Life September Skies Project Download

happy creating everyone. :)

Friday, August 14, 2015

on trend: back to school with heidi swapp cinch kits & the minc.

Hello everyone! It's Lindsay here, and I am SO excited to share today's project with you.
Ahhh....Back to School.  Some people love, others...not so much.  Well, regardless of whether you are Team Summer or Team School, the season is upon us.  So why not make it cute and stylish?  The school year brings routines and schedules back into full focus, so I wanted to inspire you all and show you just how wonderful the Heidi Swapp Cinch Kits are in keeping us all on track...and on trend!

My project today is a super cute planner, journal, notebook....whatever you want it to be!  I left the inside pages blank (except for a few I 'jazzed' up) so you could envision just how awesome this would be for YOU.
I incorporated some of my latest favourite tools to complete my project.  Lately these are my "go-to" must haves and yes, I am obsessed.  Not only did I use the 'Play Album' Heidi Swapp Cinch Kit,   but also my Heidi Swapp Minc Machine.  Foil touches??? Yes, please!  

OK, so now it's time for a closer look!
Again, I left most of the pages blank inside so you can envision just how wonderful these Cinch Kit Albums are for customization and personalization...literally whatever your needs may be!

You may also notice some brand NEW Heidi Swapp products gracing my project.  Yes...these are all new to Michaels and are showing up on store shelves now!  Woo hoo!
Alright, so to create my album covers I decided to cover both chipboard album covers with 12x12 Polka Dot Minc 5th Avenue paper.  I simply ran through one sheet of 12x12 paper with gold foil and voila!  Beautifully gold foiled polka dots.  Be still my beating heart... 

I then covered both chipboard covers with this paper and trimmed off excess. 

​Once my covers were complete, I then added this super cute fun embellishment to the corner.  These are all NEW items for Heidi Swapp at Michaels.  I used some of her new decorative tags, (one I added some additional Minc paper to), stickers (noted) and how about that ADORABLE bow??? Swoon.... I adhered it to my album using that beautiful mint green coloured clip.  Again, all NEW to Michaels. :)

I love these water colour tags that come with this Cinch album.  Not only are they watercolour but they have fun die cuts on them.  To alter this tag a bit, I simply added some gold Heidi Swapp Marquee Love glitter paper to the back.  

Next, the chipboard page dividers...

In the kit they come plain white.  I wanted to add a little something to them before I cinched my album together.  I chose one of my favourite 12x12 Minc papers (this time from the 12x12 Minc Signature Collection) and ran it through my Minc with gold foil.  I absolutely love the sentiment on this paper and had to include it.  Once it was complete, I adhered the paper to my divider and trimmed off excess.  I sanded down the edges for a little distressed look.

Next, I wanted to add some notebook paper.  So instead of adding just random paper, I used this beautiful notebook from Heidi Swapp's Wanderlust collection.  These notebooks are the best for incorporating into projects as they are the perfect size, and the Cinch machine punches through these books like a dream.

I love the lined paper that is included in this notebook as well.
You can see behind this notebook above is another clear tabbed page (included in the kit) as well as another chipboard divider page that I also covered in the Minc Signature 12x12 paper.

My last page that I included in my album is this die cute 'smile'.  I think I may just end up leaving this plain white, not too sure yet.  They are gorgeous pieces nonetheless.

Once all my pages were completed, I used my Heidi Swapp Cinch machine to easily bind it and put it all together.  I love that these albums already come with the perfectly sized coil as well.  And yes...it's even gold ;)

Below I have created a little video where I flip through my album.  (My apologies for when my album is a bit off centre...) However I hope this little video helps give you an even better view into my project!

I hope you have been inspired in some way today with just how wonderful these blank albums are to transform and customize.  There are SO many options with what you can do with these beautiful blank canvases.  When Heidi Swapp and her amazing products make things this fun and cute to alter...who doesn't want to be organized for the upcoming school year? Right? ;) Thanks for stopping by everyone, have fun and make pretty stuff!
Cheers to back to school!

Monday, July 13, 2015

CREATE-July 2015 Issue

there is nothing more that i love other than FRESH inspiration!  july's CREATE magazine is brand new and FULL of beautiful ideas, layouts, projects and of course endless inspiration.  the perfect companion to a beautiful summer day sipping something cold.

i was blessed enough to contribute 2 layouts to this publication.
this one below, being one of my favourites.  i just LOVE all the bright colors and i am a lover of little photos.  they are my favourite!

to check out what i created (plus MANY more fabulous projects) click here.
i hope you are just as inspired as myself...i cannot wait to start scrapping even more of my summer photos after reading this issue.
beautiful work everyone!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

LOVE marquee love.

summer is here! and with that LOADS of events!  this year, summer for me is filled with all things LOVE...babies and weddings!  tis the season!  in spirit of this fabulous time of year, i created some gorgeous heidi swapp marquee love letters that are perfect for all things LOVE.  what i created is simple, timeless and super elegant.  perfect decor pieces for weddings, wedding showers, babies and baby showers!  think guestbook tables, nurseries, mantle decor.

if you have seen the fabulous marquee letters than you know that when you purchase them, they are simply plain white.  and although still fabulous....who doesn't love to jazz things up just a bit more?

here is a very simple yet fabulous way to transform the gorgeous heidi swapp marquee letters into "wow factor" marquee letters!  all i did was take some of my favourite 12x12 pattern papers from the heidi swapp minc collection and ran them through my minc machine in gold and mint foil.  i then traced out the letters out of that paper and placed them inside my marquee.  I then lined the insides of my letters with the beautiful gold and white glitter marquee love tapes.  

however, to add that extra bit of dazzle i had to whip out the marquee love glitter.  this stuff is so sparkly, so dazzly, so chunky....it looks GORGEOUS on the marquee.  if you have not yet tried it out, i highly recommend.  it truly takes your marquee up to the next level of dazzle.

once i was all complete, i popped in my lights turned the switch and voila!  i LOVE my "LOVE" marquee.  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

forever and ever. love mixed media!

today i am up on heidi swapp's blog showcasing my latest creative adventure.  it is an adventure using the beautiful new cinch kits that are now available at michaels.  and … yes they are exclusive!  not only did i use the gorgeous cinch kits to create my project, but also the fabulous new mixed media products that will make your heart swoon.

think texture pastes in gold, silver, metallic teal….just to name a few.  art screens and ink in beautiful phrases and gorgeous colours.  yes….totally over the top amazing.

i am sharing an in-depth look into my project today so i hope you head on over there for a good look.  there are so many fun and easy tips and techniques that i share in order for you to maximize your stencils and art screens.  they are so fun to combine and alter to get exactly the look you are wanting.

this page above is probably my favourite in my album so far.  i love the colours and the stencils and just the way it all blends together.  i think the best part about mixed media is that it truly takes on a life of it's own.  there is still so much i want to add and do to my book!  i can never get enough of making pretty stuff.  especially when it's as awesome as the new mixed media stash now available at michaels.  seriously….it's a must have! and SO fun. #selfprofessedmixedmediaaddict :)