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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

prismatic, project life & the fuse!

today i am sharing one of my most favourite layouts yet!  yes...i may say that each and every time, but i think this one...yes is my most loved yet!  it includes all of my top must have scrapbook products and literally rolls them all into one project!

for starters...it includes the becky higgins project life fuse tool.  i just ADORE this little tool.  creating my own custom pocket pages has become my latest obsession.  i love incorporating so many elements into my pocket pages and this wonderful tool allows me to do just that!

my entire page today was created using this amazing tool.  i love it!

i also used gorgeous cards from the heidi swapp prismatic project life kit to create my page.  the bright colours, foil touches and amazing designs really helped pull it all together.  i then could not resist including some of the gorgeous sticker sets (and other fun extras!) that are now available at michaels.  they helped embellish my page perfectly and are so much fun to use!

and here is my full 12x12 pocket page.  so fun right?!?
i absolutely adored the colors, patterns and bold designs of the prismatic core kit.  the bright colors of pink and turquoise just helped to pop my page in the most amazing way.  if you have not yet seen this kit, i definitely recommend it.  it is amazing.

to build my page, i always begin with adding in photos and cards and then using my fuse tool to simply secure in place.  beginning at the bottom right hand corner and moving upwards i love adding in different pieces and layers to make my spread come alive.

this gorgeous 'you mean the world to me' card is the first card i placed in my page.  i love the banner title and thought it would look cute with a photo placed over top.  so i added a photo on top with a 4x6 pocket sleeve and fused it directly onto my page protector to create a flap.  

i added the gorgeous wood veneer 'noted' directly on top of the page protector simply using glue dots to attach.  i love that it adds texture and dimension on top of the page protector by keeping it outside of the pockets.

i loved including instax prints onto my pocket page.  again, i chose to simply adhere my instax print outside of the page protector here and use a fun flagged paper clip to keep my photo in place.  i added a couple extra of the beautiful pink heidi swapp puffy stickers to my instax as well...because they are just so cute!

i added even more interactivity to my page as well by creating this cute 3x4 pocket photo sleeve waterfall.  i love that i could include more of my favourite products onto my page without compromising my photos and not having enough space for them.  in this waterfall i was able to include some favourite embellishments, cards and journaling!

this gorgeous 'hello' foiled card from the prismatic core kit is amazing "as is", but i added in this adorable 'fun' plastic acrylic shape from the project life fill in the blank value kit.  they are super thick plastic with gold foil detailing and are awesome!

i also loved including these fun acrylic pieces into my spread also.  they come in the fill in the blank value kit also and make such fun embellishments.  to attach i simply used glue dots again here.

again, here i included another instax photo.  however this time i placed it inside the page protector and added a gorgeous foil word jumbles gold sticker to the bottom of my instax.  i love that instax photos have that space to add in something extra.  whether it's journaling, stickers or a bit of both it is such a fun space to play and get creative with.

i love the many layers and memories i was able to capture with this page.

i hope that i have inspired you with this page to print some of your beautiful fall photos out (i know you have them), grab a heidi swapp core kit, some fabulous embellishments from michaels....maybe an instax printer??? ;) and get to making pretty stuff!

Supplies: Project Life Core Kit Prismatic Edition; Project Life Fill in the Blank Value Kit; Paper Clips Flag Pink; Word Jumbles Pink Gold; Word Jumbles Mint Gold; Glitter Puffy Alphabet Stickers Gold; Dipped Tags Blues; Wood Words Today; Becky Higgins Project Life Fuse Tool; 12x12 Becky Higgins Project Life Page Protector; Project Life Photo Sleeve 3x4; Project Life Photo Sleeve 4x6

Monday, September 28, 2015

instax mini obsession

i love sharing things that i LOVE.  nothing makes me happier.  i guess i love to "share the love" because i just know that someone out there will love something just as much as i do.  and things are just better when they are shared....no?!?

so in that case.....say hello to my latest LOVE, OBSESSION....and HAPPY PLACE!

this is just a little sampling of the newest instax family to be hitting michaels stores VERY soon.  it is the most perfect collaboration between heidi and instax.  and well...it is just AWESOME.  think cute little instax photos combined with some of the trendiest, prettiest, freshest products to house, display and celebrate your life and your memories.  no, i do not think it get's any better.

i have been SO lucky to be given the chance to work with these beautiful brand new products these past few weeks and today i want to share one (of the many) projects i was inspired to create.

using the brand new heidi swapp instax mini albums, my instax mini 8 camera and instax share SP-1 printer.

the photos inside this album are a combination of photos that i took with both the camera itself...and this fabulous printer.  now...can we talk a little about this printer??? i am obsessed.  it is amazing.

it literally takes ANY photo you have on your mobile device and with one simple click with the Instax Share APP you can make any of your photos an INSTAX.  yes...i know. freaking amazing.

so now...let's take a peek inside my album!

i combined my instax photos with some of the gorgeous new fun embellishments that will be soon available at michaels.  i also used a lot of new heidi swapp products that are in stores right now to accent my album also.  i love how her products all work together amazingly...regardless of the collection it is from.  above i used one of the new instax stickers to the bottom photo.  it is clear with gold polka dots and so cute.  above i used some of the black and white word stickers you can find at michaels right now.  i find these are so perfect for instax photos because they are just the right size and come in so many fun captions, words and phrases.  the circle tag that i journaled on is also available at michaels right now.  i clipped it on to my album with a gold bull dog clip and embellished the tag with a strip of ADORABLE heidi swapp washi that you can find in the Instax Card Kit.

these photos were taken from an "instax night" we had.  we just took 15 minutes to snap a few photos.  i simply placed them in these page protectors adding washi, stickers and a fun camera clip.  these are all part of the  new heidi swapp instax collection.

i loved adding extra bits into this album.  the tags, labels and stickers below are available now at michaels.  they work so perfectly in these mini albums.  heidi swapp also has these really fun glitter instax frames.  they are perfect for layering directly on top of an instax photo....or you could layer on top of a regular photo (trimmed to instax size) to give your photo the instax look.  awesome, right?

next, i loved using some of the heidi swapp acetate words alongside my instax prints. 

to do this, i simply left one photo out of the sleeve.  i adhered an acetate word on top of the photo sleeve using a glue dot.  i then added some of the mint gold word jumbles stickers below.  

i also added one of these stickers to my instax photo as a photo caption/embellishment.  again...they are the perfect size for instax photos and look great on them!

another fun thing i did in my instax mini album was create a "background" using some of the heidi swapp picturesque project life cards.  i found two of the same cards, trimmed them down to size and then inserted them into the instax sleeves.  i then placed 2 instax directly on top of the photo sleeve and adhered one slightly above the other with heidi swapp washi tape.  this adds a fun interactive element to the mini album and is also a great way to just add more photos in!

last but not least...i added this really cute polka dot envelope from the Instax Card Kit into my album.

at the back of these mini albums is a spot for some "on board" storage.  i love that!  so when i found this cute envelope...i thought what a perfect way to store even MORE photos into my book...and i have a place to keep the envelope...so genius!

i hope that you have enjoyed my little mini album walk through and are inspired to make one yourself.  instax prints are such a great way to enjoy and relive your memories.  

supplies: Heidi Swapp Instax Mini Photo Album; Instax Mini 8 Camera; Instax Share SP-1 printer; Heidi Swapp Instax Stickers; Heidi Swapp Instax Card Kit; Heidi Swapp Frames Glitter Brights; Heidi Swapp Frames Glitter Metallics; Heidi Swapp Acetate Words Black & White; Heidi Swapp Washi Tape Pack Silver; Heidi Swapp Word Jumbles Mint Gold; Heidi Swapp Label Stickers Teal; Heidi Swapp Glitter Enamel Shapes Black; Heidi Swapp Dipped Tags Blue; Heidi Swapp Bull Dog Clips Silver Gold

Friday, September 18, 2015

heidi swapp project life value kit transformed: brag book style!

so how many of you have seen this amazing brand new value kit from heidi swapp gracing michaels store shelves?  it is called the kraft and foil value kit, and it's just awesome. plain and simple.

it comes with so many wonderful pieces and if you are into mixed media and customizing your supplies, than you will really LOVE this kit.  we all know that these kits are all created primarily for project life type projects and pocket pages.  however, today i want to share with you a "twist" on how to use this particular kit (or any other value kit really).  this idea can be adapted for any supplies you may have, and is a great way to use up your stash! ;)

what i created today out of this amazing kit (and some other little extras of course) is a fun brag book.  my little (but not so little anymore) little guy is turning 18 months on the 25th of this month and to celebrate we went and spent about 20 minutes the other day just taking photos.  it was nothing staged or fancy...just some candid moments of my little boy.  because i ended up with so many awesome moments, i wanted a project that i could include most of the photos in.  hello brag book.  the perfect solution, right?!?

to create this album i used the value kit and some of my mixed media supplies.  stencils, color shine (how CUTE are those mini bottles?) and some gold texture paste.  these are all available right now at michaels stores and are fabulous to use with this value kit.  the cards in this collection are made of the most beautiful paper that take color shine and mixed media pastes beautifully.

so are you ready for a look inside?  
here is an up close and personal look inside my "brag book".

to create my album cover i used the 'hello' card from the kit.  i added some gold texture paste with a triangle stencil and used the "18" that comes in the kit and mounted on top of the 'O' in hello.  i love how it fits as a fun accent.  i then used some of the gorgeous brand new heidi swapp washi tape on the bottom edge. hello mini hearts....love.

i primarily used the value kit to assemble and create this whole album, but you will see some of my favourite supplies from other kits snuck in here and there.

here i included a 4x4 photo and simply added a gold sticker from the heidi swapp project life collection.

the 3x4 cards in the value kit are full of fun patterns and phrases.  i love this card.  i added in the gold arrow sticker.

the gold foil writing on the kraft cards are stunning.  here i simply added 2 photos on top.

here is a fun technique i want to share.  take 2 of the 3x4 cards.  layer one onto another.  using a die cut card is also nice because then the pattern shows through giving some fun dimension.  as an added touch use a stencil and some texture paste atop the top card.  remove.  now you have a fun pattern and layered card.  attach a small photo and voila!

here i simply attached a photo with a gold paperclip and laid a transparent 3x4 printed card on top.  i love this effect.  i also added some washi on the corner of the photo.

the 4x6 cards are wonderful cards to even use just as simple matting for a photo.  they come with so many great titles and captions.

i dipped into my project life stash and used one of the fun 4x4 chipboard frames.  i simply punched and added to my key ring.  it not only adds fun layered dimension to my album but is an interactive element as well.

here i created a journaling card, that i also added some color shine too as well as stamping.  i love how the color shine makes the title 'pop'.  i used this gold frame from my memory planner stash to frame my photo.  i love these frames!!! still obsessed.

here i used some of the yellow color shine and mini polka dot stencil to create a fun pattern on this card.  i love these cards because you can use them as sort of 'prompts' to add words or phrases (such as the sticker i did) to add more journaling and thoughts to a project.

on this card i added more stencilling with texture paste, placed some heidi swapp marquee love glitter paper behind the 'good day' die cut and added some photos that i punched with my circle punch.  seriously there are so many possibilities with customizing these wonderful cards.

these wonderful words are SO much fun to pair up with this quote card from the kit.  here i used the blue and yellow color shine to create this fun blue green color.  i then simply used my sewing machine to stitch them onto the 4x6 card.  i added some additional stickers and washi to finish it off.

one last fun technique i used in this album are these stars i created.  i took a blank 4x6 card and used my star punch to punch out stars.  i then added color shine to them and then used my tiny attacher to attach them in layers to my book.  this is such a simple way to make your own embellishments from these kits and a great way to use up cards that you may have multiple of.

a last look into my final pages...

i love how this kit comes with so many wonderful numbers.

i hope you enjoyed this little "twist" on using this fabulous value kit and mixed media supplies.

they are so addicting to create. ;) 
hope you get your hands on one of these amazing value kits and create a little brag book for your own. 

supplies: project life kraft and foil value kit; project life color shine; project life gold stickers; project life stamps; project life watercolour words; washi tape pack gold